I am an assistant professor at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Digital Security Group. My current research focuses on hardware security, in particular on techniques for leakage detection. Between 2011-2020 I was with Riscure, first as a security evaluation manager responsible for executing high-assurance security evaluation projects and later as the product manager for the training unit. Between 2008-2010 I was a senior scientist at Philips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I finished my Ph.D., entitled Cryptography with noisy data, in 2008 under Pieter Hartel and Jeroen Doumen. For my Ph.D. work and my contribution to the advance of biometric research, I was awarded the 2008 EBF European Biometrics Research Industry Award by European Biometric Forum.

My main research interest is hardware security, emphasizing the advancement of tools to create secure hardware; below is a short overview of my professional career.

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In my free time, I run, draw, and cook.